Why Our Sensory Gym Is Different

What Is A Sensory Gym? 

A sensory gym is a specialized play space that provides children with a supportive, enriching and safe environment for exploring different sensory experiences. Sensory gyms are becoming increasingly popular as more and more parents seek out effective ways to help their child’s development. These specialized play spaces provide a safe, supportive environment with therapists where kids can explore different sensory experiences and develop important life skills, like coordination and self-confidence. They also address specific areas of development such as gross motor skills, fine motor skills, or emotional regulation.

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What Kind of Therapy Does A Sensory Gym Assist With?

Some common therapies that may be offered in sensory gym facilities include occupational therapy, physical therapy, or sensory integration therapy. Additionally, speech language pathologists may utilize sensory gyms to promote communication and language development, as children often communicate better when they are provided with specific types of sensory input. 

One of the main issues that our sensory gym and our therapists can help with is sensory regulation. Sensory regulation is the process of responding to and managing sensory information in order to maintain an optimal level of arousal. This can involve tuning out or filtering out certain types of sensory input, or increasing or decreasing levels of stimulation through activities like movement, deep breathing, or meditation. Sensory regulation can be especially important for children with special needs, as they may need extra support in order to successfully manage and process information from their environment. A sensory gym can help kids learn strategies for sensory regulation and develop the skills necessary to thrive.

But What Sets Eastern Therapy’s Sensory Gym Apart?

Neutral Colors

Neutral, calming colors are a big one to highlight. Primary colors and patterns can be very overstimulating to some kids. There is some evidence to suggest that children who are overstimulated by bright colors and bold patterns may be experiencing sensory overload. This can lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety, and even behavioral issues.

One possible cause of this sensitivity is a condition called sensory processing disorder (SPD). There is also some evidence to suggest that children with autism spectrum disorders may be more sensitive to bright, bold colors and patterns than typically developing children.

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Custom Selection

We carefully and purposefully selected what equipment to put in our gym. The set-up that we built creates a fun environment for your child that enhances natural exploration and targets natural areas of gross motor, fine motor, and sensory development through movement; rather than using a lot of artificial toys. Some of our equipment includes climbing walls, monkey bars, swings, a ball pit and carpeted stairs. 

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Overall, Eastern Therapy’s sensory gym is a unique and supportive environment that can help children with special needs learn and grow in important ways. Whether your child is struggling with sensory processing issues or autism spectrum disorders, this specialized play space can provide the support and stimulation they need to thrive. So if you are interested in looking for an effective way to support your child’s developmental growth, be sure to check out Eastern Therapy’s sensory gym today!

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